• Against human trafficking

    Exhibition on violence against women, modern slavery and forced prostitution 2002-2010
    „Eva Horstick-Schmitt’s photographs show the more somber side of life in this region, in particular regarding the role of woman. In her photographs, issues of prostitution and trafficking of human beings are addressed in a highly impressive manner and our visitors were moved by the closeness and authenticity of her photographs.”
    Dr. Jochen Christe-Zeyse
    (Comparative Police Studies in the EU)

    arteve_4solar-plexus-beyond-paradise-Eva Horstick-Schmitt 2002 Kosovo
    „Eva out of Eden“ Collage / photos © Eva Horstick-Schmitt

    The exhibition "Eve out of Eden“ includes installations and photographs. The series was presented in 2008/9, including in the gallery Camera Obscura Dortmund in cooperation with the Fluxa Lions Club.
    arteve_6 freedom to provide services across national boundaries without the need to have a permanent establishment in the country of activity -backstage-Eva Horstick-Schmitt 2002 Kosovo
    Photos © Eva-Maria Horstick www.ArtEve.de
    Kosovo 2002
    Eva-Maria Horstick

© Eva-Maria Horstick (Eva Horstick-Schmitt)   Kontakt