• photo meets manga

    Photo meets Manga: The Voyage of two Souls

    "Eva Maria Horstick’s art project “Photo meets Manga” prompts new, unfamiliar ways of perception"


    Two worlds collide with a silent bang. This contradiction marks the merging of carefully staged photography of everyday life and naively sketched Manga.

    Eva Maria Horstick’s work creates a feeling that fascinates . . .

    Texts about this photo art series written by Sophie Blady and S.C. Weiss available upon request.

    For further infos please contact the artist: eva@arteve.de

    limited editions of prints available. More motives upon request.
    Selected Ehibitions of photo meets manga:

    2009: Deutsches Haus, 42 Washington Mews, New York NY 10003
    2012 Österreich Aaart Foundation
    2015 Art Beat Gallery Brüssel
    2015 Museum Gescher
    2016 Galerie Hovestadt Nottuln
    2016 Art Beat Gallery Brüssel
    2018 Tokyo OAG Haus Museum

    for more infos please contact eva@arteve.de
© Eva-Maria Horstick (Eva Horstick-Schmitt)   Kontakt