• in a room

    Eva-Maria Horstick (Schmitt)

    „Reflections of Memories“
    Serie Fabrik
    2004-2016 project „in a room“

    takes place between memories and reality.

    2004 Arteve Fotos Eva-Maria Horstick (Schmitt) analog The red chair.

    The table.
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    „In a room where I can dream.“

    Photos © Eva-Maria Horstick (Schmitt) "Fabrik" 2004-2015 ff

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    Serie "in a room"
    2004-2016 ArtEve.de
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    unretuschierte Arbeiten, analog und digital

    „Alone“ from her series “ in a room“ (2003-2012/ 2015) Photo Eva-Maria Horstick
    VG Bildkunst/alle Werke

    Photo © Eva-Maria Horstick „in a room“ long-term photography project since 2004

    Her philosophy is to genuinely integrate life as a living ‘now’ in her art. Poetic view, still live art

    Since 2003, the series „in a room“ deals with identity, home and reflections of herself in a reduced composed room.
© Eva-Maria Horstick (Eva Horstick-Schmitt)   Kontakt