I am glad you landed here.
Thank you for your interest and your respect.
Intensity and passion determine my personal visual language.
Photography for me is life with all senses.
Questioning is as much a part of it as the antithesis of the mainstream.

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    Her philosophy is to genuinely integrate life as a living ‘now’ in her art. Poetic view, still live art.

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    Selected installations.

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    Social practice installations u.a. critical engagement with art / Eva Horstick-Schmitt.

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    Aschenpüttel - a registered trademark of the artist and designer Eva-Maria Horstick - Art Shirts, for falling in love and loving

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About Eva

Eva Maria Horstick - self portrait - reflection in window
Studium Abschluss 2002 FH Dortmund / Fotodesign / Fotografie

When Eva turned ten, she received her first camera for Christmas. It was her only wish. When she turned sixteen, Eva took her first two-year dual working/learning apprenticeship in a photo studio where she also learned how to develop her own photos. After several years Eva worked as a fashion show choreographer and director for more than thirteen years. In 2000, she studied photo-design and communication-design next to her full-time work schedule. Since her diploma in 2002 with her project „Station Prizren“ in Kosovo, she has been working on her exhibitions and art projects.
Photo Meets Manga exhibition - Arteve - Tokyo 2018
Eva: „Art is a process of renewal for me. Do not enter retracted paths and discover new perspectives." With her series "in a room" Since 2003, the series "in a room" deals with identity, homeland and the reflection of things seen in a greatly reduced space. 2004-2016 she asks questions of her identity. In her series "Identity" cutouts presented in 2016 at the Gallery Hovestadt with the intention to question the identity of people who have lost everything.


In the works of Eva-Maria Horstick the need for communication and understanding, also in terms of social differences, plays an important role. She raises the question of authenticity within her protagonists. She explores the unretouched ‘being’ which - given the glossy industry that surrounds us - is often no longer perceived. Examples of her work are: "unretouched - families in the area" and the project "daughters" with interviews and portraits on the subject of future. The artist focuses on individual and social ‘being’ against the backdrop of social and cultural differences. It’s to "plunge and to breathe Eva’s pictures", as a collector of her work explains his impression. The daily forgotten spaces, history behind rooms / women / situations, interest her as well as the beautiful appearance on the surface. Unretouched Photoart. Her night shots, among others from Paris, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv and NYC, move the people in the background. A meditative silence arises in the long-term exposures in major cities which she captures since 2007 up to today during her travels around midnight. A series in which the night plays a special role, she calls ‘Null Uhr Nachtaktiv’ (Zero o`clock night active). The noises of people and machines that normally take advantage of the urban space, she consciously fades out. As in her series "photo meets manga" it’s about the soft sounds, thoughtful situations and silent rooms that take place in the interior and exterior. ( S.C. Weiss)

S.C. Weiss Paris

Selected works: