The Story about Eva and Sönke 2015-2017 / Paris _Dortmund

For the first time Eva and Sönke met in 2015 on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
To be exact, at the airport of the capital Palma. He came from Paris, where he lived like Gene Kelly kind of life, she came from Dortmund in Germany, where (her) punk was still not dead.
They had met on FB ( who befriendet whom is still the big question) and planned to work on an artistic project. It was called "flight and expulsion".
Thinks just happened. Fate?
Eva created a totally new world in her art, a superimposed presence and past concerning her own work transported into the now.
The winter in Eva turned into a summer as a human being without forgetting the seriousness of life.

Sönke C. Weiss

New Work

by request
lets rock the new systhem...
denn die Welt da draussen ändert sich nicht wirklich...nur du selbst kannst dich ändern und den Blick darauf.